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kanji-fred for MACL2.0

I made up kanji-fred-mixin for MACL2.0, which enables to display KANJI
in fred-window and editable-text-dialog-item (a fred-dialog-item).  My
kanji-fred-window has two fonts, one is for alphanumeric and the other
is for kanji, and exchanges them automatically.  I made up a dialog to
set fonts of kanji-fred-window too.

If someone want to get this, please mail to me.

I think it can treat other 2byte-characters, if you rewrite following
3 macros.

(defmacro kanji1p (ch)
  `(let ((cd (char-code ,ch)))
     (or (<= #x81 cd #x9f) (<= #xe0 cd #xec))))
(defmacro kanji2p (ch)
  `(let ((cd (char-code ,ch)))
     (or (<= #x40 cd #x7e) (<= #x80 cd #xfc))))
(defmacro kanji-ff-mask (ff)
  `(boole boole-and #x40000000 ,ff))

--- bye ---
Masaya UEDA ueda@shpcsl.sharp.co.jp
Computer Systems Lab. SHARP Co.