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cut and paste

First of all, kudos for the alterations that made key-handler-mixin.  It
has been real helpful for some cut and paste stuff.  Some minor details,

Several functions such as [set-]selection-range and allow-tabs-p were
called on an object because it was a key-handler-mixin, but these functions
were only defined on editable-text-dialog-item.  IMHO, the primary method
for such should be on key-handler-mixin.

If you trace cut, paste, etc., then they don't work.  Untracing makes them
work again, but makes it difficult to debug when trace doesn't work.

Select All seems to be disabled, and I can't convince it to stay enabled. 
I don't want to modify its update-function slot directly, but...

"TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@aristotle.ils.nwu.edu