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Re: help w/drawing, bitmaps

>I guess that the thing to do is to draw into some sort of offscreen
>buffer (another view? a subview?), and then to copy (how fastest?) the 
>result into the window.  Although I'm sure this is a common situation,
>I didn't see any hints in the manual, so I thought I'd ask if there an 
>obvious, simple way to do this that everyone uses.
>I'm also curious about bitmaps: the functions documented in the MCL manual
>don't seem capable of accomplishing anything without leaving the high-level
>lisp interface.  You can make bitmaps and copy stuff between bitmaps, but I 
>don't see how you get anything into or out of them - either to/from normal 
>lisp data structures or to/from views.  Is there any way to use them without 
>delving into Inside Macintosh and using low level record references?
>I couldn't find any use of bitmaps in the Examples folder...  I have the
>feeling that I'm missing something very obvious.

I have IM but would still be very glad to see an example of drawing into
off-screen bitmaps and copying the contents into a window.  This must be
a standard thing to do....

-Tom (mcdougal@cs.uchicago.edu)