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Re: grapher extensions desired

> Gabriel Robins at ISI was working on a portable graph tool based loosely on
> GRAPHER.  I wonder if this could be adapted for the Mac?

  I have a Mac version of the ISI grapher (only converted to 1.3.2)
which is a full implementation of the grapher. However, this grapher
only allows horizontal graphing (from left to right).

 Unfortunately, it is not public domain. I'll inquire into its
availablility conditions and mail back.

  The grapher is fairly robust, allowing you to modify the way various
data structures are graphed. The grapher has two windows, one, a
window into the graph (displaying only what can fit on the screen),
the other displays the whole graph in reduced form. You can move the
cursor around the global window, thus changing the display in the
large window.

  I added some code so that when you put the cursor on any node of the
main graph, a dialog display appears at the bottom of the screen,
providing further info about that node.

  I'll get back on the issue of availability.

Mick O'Donnell
Information Sciences Institute