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MCL User Meeting Plans

Those of you addreessed in the "To" portion of this message have expressed some
interest in attending a meeting of Macintosh Common Lisp users in Cambridge the
week of August 5-9.  That's enough people for us to hold the meeting; now we
need to determine an exact date and time and how long to allow for the meeting.
[Some people expressed interest in MCL user meetings in other locations, such
as at AAAI this week in Anaheim (I believe there was a meeting today) or at the
Lisp User's and Vendor's conference in Gaithersburg, MD 10/28 - 11/1.  Any MCL
user meetings would be great, whether or not the MCL team can participate.  I'd
love to hear feedback from any such meetings.]
MacWorld Expo Boston will be open on Tuesday-Thursday August 6-8 from 10-6 and
on Friday August 9 from 10-3.  I suggest that we meet outside of show hours
(although that's not a requirement).  No time will be perfect for everyone, but
I propose that we meet in Cambridge on Monday afternoon, August 5, from about
1-5 pm.  Let me know if that won't work for you; we could pick another date &
time if it would be significantly better for lots of interested people.
I'm trying to determine if four hours is about the right amount of time to
allow for the meeting.  The MCL team would like to spend a bit of the meeting
to get feedback on MCL, but most of the meeting would be a chance for users to
discuss and show each other interesting MCL-based technology.  Please let me
know if you would like to have some time at the meeting to talk and/or do a
demo.  Thanks a lot.
--Harvey Alcabes
  MCL Product Marketing Manager