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Re: PC Comm. Program with Data General Terminal Emulation

frank@odetics.com (Frank Merrow) writes:

>Look into Mirror III by Softklone.  It has D200 emulation which works
>fine.  Phone: 904-878-8564.

It is a nice package (We use it in our shop as part of our field system),
but it is hardly PD or shareware.  As a total aside, I am amused by how
often makers of (relatively) low-cost commercial software packages
(i.e., <$200) feel the need to explicitly state in their doc that they
are not and never been PD or shareware.  (As far as I know, Mirror
doesn't do this, but others I've seen have)

Also, what is D200?  I think I would have seen it if it were in Mirror,
but, maybe not...

	(Another fine mess brought to you by valley@gsbsun.uchicago.edu)