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Re: A trimmed-down GNU-like Emacs?

In article <1991Jul15.222552.6109@eci386.uucp> woods@eci386.uucp writes:
>The last time I tried MicroEMACS 3.9 I couldn't keep it running for
>more than 5 minutes without a core-dump.  And that's after I fixed

I've been using a slightly hacked v3.10 for over a year on 4.2BSD/SunOS,
and it never coredumps. Well...almost never.

>I'm not a big fan of the direction it took after 3.9 either...

v3.11beta has pop-up buffers (like list-buffers in Jove), tags support,
and partial multiple screen support (for future window-based versions).

>On the other hand, Jove 4.12 rarely crashes even on my SysVr3 systems,
>and I assume Jove 4.14 is even better.
>Jove also runs on PC's, Mac's, etc.; not just UNIX!

MicroEMACS is even more portable thay Jove: AmigaDOS, Atari TOS, VMS,
and even more obscure systems....8^)

Jove's a very nice piece of kit, but it's lack of macro language is a pain.

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