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    I'm relatively new to the MCL environment and I'm just learning
all of the wondrous Mac Things.  Right now I'm trying to get a handle
on how to make scroll-bars work.  I've checked out the example code
that comes with MCL on scrolling windows.  It works fine and all, but
it didn't help me much as there's a lot of stuff there that's not in
the manual (and some of the things, like the scroller class, aren't
exported from the ccl package).  So far I've figured out how to get
the new value of the scroll-bar through the dialog-item-action slot of
the scroll-bar, but I'm wondering if there are better ways (like
something that has to do with the :scrollee slot?).  I'm also
interested in getting the pane splitter to work too.

Any information, example code, etc. would be of great help.

Thanks much,

Ian Flanigan

Medical Informatics Group
Washington University in St. Louis	"You can never have too many napkins."
(314) 362-4320