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memory and 32-bit addressing question

> I currently run MCL2.0b1 on a Macintosh IIcx (which has non 32-
> bit-clean ROMs) under System 6.0.5 with 8 megabytes of real memory.
> I'm interested in possibilities of using more physical memory than
> this.  Two questions:
> 1. Does MCL run properly under System 7.0 with Connectix's MODE32
> to allow 32-bit addressing?

I am using MCL 2.0x on a Mac IIx with 8MB physical memory, system 7
and MODE32 from Conectix.  It runs fine, meaning no crashes.  It does
swap a lot and when it goes into garbage collection it takes forever
(or so it seems) but it works with no problems.  The largest virtual
memory partition I tried it with was 96MB.  Usually I use 10MB though.
> Mark Stickel
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