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Porting MACL 1.3.2 to MCL 2.0

Most people in this group state, that CLOS is a better language than
objectlisp, and that it is worth while porting the MACL code from 1.3.2 to 2.0.
Since this transformation is a mostly mechanical process, it must be possible
to (semi)automate this 
	To start the discussion I have uploaded a simple transformer from objectlisp
to clos at the host cambridge.apple.com as
pub/mcl2/contrib/konvert-1-3-2->2-0.Hqx. This transformer does not make a
semantic analysis of the code and will make a lot of mistakes, but it is really
more help than the file defobfun-> defmethod in the examples folder of mcl2.0b1
and was sucessfully used to port our library (~1 Mb code) to CLOS.
	If someone of you is currently developing an automatic transformer, I 'd very
much appreciate n obtaining your experiences and/or results.

Karsten Poeck
Institute of logic
University of Karlsruhe
e-mail: poeck@ira.uka.de