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Open doc from Finder

When I double-clic a MCL (2.0b1p3) document foo.lisp from the Finder, it is
opened in Fred if MCL is already running, and loaded in place of the init if
MCL is not running yet. Why this behaviour?
- It is not coherent (and probably diffucult to implement under System 7.0).
- It is not useful. Changing the init file is a rare event, and easily done
by hand. While opening a source file to read it is a frequent operation.
The behaviour I would like:
- ALWAYS load the init file at startup.
- Text files passed to MCL to open (either at startup or later) should be
opened in a Fred window.
- Binary files passed to MCL to open should probably be loaded, or maybe ignored.
If people don't agree on the right behaviour, one could have globals
*edit-TEXT-odoc* and *load-binary-odoc*. But it still requires that the init
file be loaded first to allow a choice.
     Daniel Ranson (ranson@lannion.cnet.fr)