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Calling c from lisp

I'm using 2.0b2 and trying to call a c function. I'm trying to compile and
run the example (examples:FF Examples:ff-example) given, with great difficulty.

1. The first executable line in ff-example.lisp:
   (add-logical-pathname-translation ......) is an unknown function.

2. Trying to ff-load my c file. Lisp insists it is not an MPW object file,
   which it most certainly is, considereing that not 2 minutes before, I had
   just compiled it. (I'm using MPW 3.0, if that's relevant)

The first I can get around, but the second problem is at this time 

Any ideas/insights/advice from net.wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

Charlene Abrams
Medical Informatics Laboratory
Washington University School of Medicine
St Louis. Missouri