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Black and White

I have this program that I was promised would only have to run on a Radius
Color Monitor in System 7.0, MCL 2.0.  They lied.  No surprise.  What *is*
surprising is that the only thing that doesn't work is the following:
(with-fore-color *white-color*
  (paint-rect view rect)
(with-fore-color *black-color*
  (require-trap #_DrawString str)

For some inexplicable reason, both the rect and the text come out black.
I have used format statements before the paint-rect and draw-string to
verify that the values passed to with-fore-color were white and black.
I have verified in the listener that (real-color-equal *white-color*
*black-color*) returns NIL.

Anybody have any ideas?

PS (Just in case it's not clear from context, the text and box do draw
correctly in System 7.0 on a Color Monitor.  They do not draw correctly
in 6.0.5 on a 4-gray-scale monitor.)