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Re: c performance analysis tools

skrbec@motcid.UUCP (Brad Skrbec) writes:

>I have been given the task of creating a performance baseline for
>a local tool written in C on a Sun workstation.  Our plans are to
>create a current baseline to measure performance trends on future
>releases of this tool, as well as pointing out bottlenecks.

>Can anyone supply pointers to tools that accomplish these tasks?  I'm
>sure they're out there, and I'd love to avoid reinventing the wheel.
>Language Profilers would also be helpful, so list those also, but those
>aren't the focus of our investigation.
I would start by using the unix time command.
There is an article in the Feb. 1991 (Vol.9 No.2) issue of Unix Review
called "An Elementary C Cost Model" by Bentley, Kernighan, and VanWyk.
In it, they provide code which measures the amount of time needed for
operations in a C program.  I think this may help you in your task.
Try sending e-mail to David Burnette at uunet!beast!david for the
source code.  I have a copy of the magazine if you want to look at it.
>Thanks in advance for any help!
You're welcome.
Frank Mostek			uunet!motcid!maize!mostek
(708)632-6965			mostek@maize.rtsg.mot.com