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1.3.1 and non-Roman scripts

I am trying to get 1.3.1 to work under the Apple Arabic Interface, but have
hit a serious snag.  Lisp doesn't seem to accept any fonts with FOND IDs
greater than 255 (ye olde Roman partition if memory serves).  To work under
the Arabic Interface (with right to left character flow etc), the fonts have
to have FOND IDs in the 17K region (not sure of the actual partition, but
it doesn't unify with the Roman range).  So I can't just change the FOND IDs
(I tried it and under the normal mac system things work okay (except that
Arabic then goes left to right), so changing the FOND ID solves it for Lisp,
but messes it up for the Arabic Interface), since the Arabic Interface would
them treat them like Roman typefaces.  Any idea how I can get Lisp to handle
non-Roman scripts correctly as per the Script Manager?  Or does 2.0 fix this?
Has anyone else ever done this?


John R. R. Leavitt - Research Programmer - Center for Machine Translation
Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburgh, PA - USA - 15213 ---------------