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listener package and event handlers

Two questions:
1. When I want to start working on functions in a package "P", I load the
   package by evaluating a file "F" that contains commands to load
   all the relevant files.  Included in "F" is the following command:
	(set-window-package *top-listener* :P)
   This causes the mini-buffer at the bottom of the listener window
   to display the package name P, but the listener will not execute
   any of the functions in P until I physically type in 
       (in-package :P)
   into the listener window.  My question:  Is there a way to cause
   the listener to act as if I had typed in the in-package command
   without my actually having to type it into the listener?

2. A more important question:  The three methods
    a) window-grow-event-handler
    b) window-drag-event-handler
    c) window-close-event-handler
   are all undocumented in the MCL 2.0b1 manual.  Could someone
   give me some brief documentation?  In particular, what are the
   arguments that they each require?  All I was able to find
   was that the first two methods require two arguments each,
   whereas the third method requires one argument.

Dale Skrien