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Re: MCL User Meeting Plans

> From: ALCABES@AppleLink.Apple.COM (Alcabes, Harvey)
> Date: 17 Jul 91 00:08 GMT
> Status: RO
> [..] 
> [Some people expressed interest in MCL user meetings in other locations, such
> as at AAAI this week in Anaheim (I believe there was a meeting today) or at the
> Lisp User's and Vendor's conference in Gaithersburg, MD 10/28 - 11/1.  Any MCL
> user meetings would be great, whether or not the MCL team can participate.  I'd
> love to hear feedback from any such meetings.]
> [..]

I guess since I organized the meeting at AAAI, I'll give you a short report,
if Steve Weyer hasn't already.  We had about fifteen people at our
lunch on Tuesday at AAAI, and discussed several MCL issues.  The two
hottest items on our MCL wish list (at least at our end of the table)
seemed to be the need for a persistent object store and smaller
run-time application images.  Others voiced the need for better
(incremental or ephemeral) garbage collection and an interface to the
QuickTime multimedia routines.  The meeting also provided a chance to
meet people face-to-face, in this sometimes sterile world of e-mail,
and to talk about the projects in which we are involved.

Also, Apple picked up the tab for lunch, which was a nice touch :-).

-- Rodney

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