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You will find three things useful for working with icons:
1.  A copy of Inside Macintosh (at least volumes 1 and 2), which contains all
the info about using resources and icons
2.  The newly revised file Resources.lisp, which is I believe available in the
/pub/MCL2/contrib pathway of the Cambridge archive, under the names
3.  In ToolUtils.lisp, the interfaces file,
(deftrap _geticon ((iconid :signed-integer))
   (:stack :handle)
   (:stack-trap #xA9BB))
(deftrap _ploticon ((therect :rect) (theicon :handle))
   (:stack-trap #xA94B))
Essentially, with an icon you need to read the resource into memory [easiest
using the stuff in resources.lisp], then manipulating the icon as a handle
(from the resource reading), call _ploticon() to draw it.
Bitmaps are a bit more complex, in that having created your bitmap (or read it
in) you then need to copy it into part of the active view.  Again, Inside Mac
is a useful series of volumes.
Let me know if I can be of more help,
Regards, Howard.