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MCL User Meeting Details

Here are the details about next Monday's meeting of Macintosh Common Lisp users
in Cambridge.  I'm sorry for the delay in sending out this announcement; thanks
for your patience.
The meeting is open to anyone interested in Macintosh Common Lisp (MCL).
Members of the MCL development team will attend.  Feel free to bring any demos
to show.  Think about any MCL-related issues that you want to discuss.  Also
bring any ideas about starting an MCL user group.
The meeting will be held next Monday, August 5, from 2:00 pm to about 5:00 pm.
Please note that the starting time is 2:00 pm, not 1:00 pm as I had said
earlier.  Please also note that after 5:00 pm you can leave the building but
you can't get back in.
The meeting will be held at the MIT Media Lab in Room 305 (in MIT parlance
that's room E15-305).  The room can be reached by exiting the elevator on the
third floor and turning right.  It is the room directly ahead of you at the end
of the corridor on the right.
Below  are directions to the MIT Media Laboratory (courtesy of Marc Davis from
MIT--thanks Marc!).
--Harvey Alcabes
  MCL Product Marketing Manager
Directions to:
The Media Laboratory
MIT Building E15, The Wiesner Building
20 Ames Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
>From the West:
>From the Mass Turnpike: Exit at "Allston/Cambridge" (approx. 3 miles
east of I-93).  Follow signs to Cambridge.  The Guest Quarters Hotel
will be on your right.  Go straight over the bridge into Cambridge and
take your first right onto Memorial Drive, staying to the center of
the road and going over the overpass at the Boston University (B.U.)
Bridge (past Stop & Shop). Pass under the next bridge, which is the
Massachusetts Avenue Bridge.  The first street atter that brldge, to
the left, is Ames Street -- but it is one way in the wrong
direction.You wlll have to take the second left (sign says Kendall
Square) onto Wadsworth Street.  You are now on the MIT campus. Take
the first left onto Amherst Street, the third right onto Ames Street.
The Media Laboratory is the second building on your right.  It is a
large contemporary white tiled building.
>From Logan Airport:
Take the CallahanTunnel -- stay to the left and go up the ramp onto
the Expressway (Rt. 3 North). Take the second exit, "Storrow Drive"
and stay to the left. Take the first ramp on the left "All Trucks,
Government Center" then the first right over the Longfellow Bridge
into Cambridge. In Cambridge, this road will become Broadway.  At the
second light (the Marriott Hotel wili be on your left), turn onto Ames
Street.  The Media Laboratory will be on your left about a block and a
half down.
By Subway:
Please check the subway map at your boarding point. You want to get to
the Red Line stop of "Kendall/MIT."  You can transfer wlthout
additional fees from any other subway line at the appropriate subway
station (Red/Green is at Park Station, Red/Orange is at Downtown
Crossing, etc.)  At the Kendall/MIT stop, you will surface at Main
Street, which is Kendall Square.  Landmarks include Au Bon Pain, the
Marriot Hotel, the MIT Coop and MIT Press Bookstore (across Main
Street) and Legal Seafood Restaurant (at the west end of the block).
Proceed towards Legal Seafood which is at the intersection of Main and
Ames Streets.  The Media Laboratory is at 20 Ames Street, about one
half block south from this intersection.
There is rarely any on-street parking spaces on the MIT campus.  The
only garage that is really available is the Marriot Hotel garage.  The
entrance to this is on Ames Street, between Main Street and Broadway.