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macro arglists

Arglists for my user-defined macros show as gensyms in the Fred mini-buffer,
and I'd really like to see the names that I gave the args.  My macros are
all defined with *Save-Local-Symbols* and *Fasl-Save-Local-Symbols* set to
t. Page 33 of the manual says "The ed-arglist function works for built-in
functions and macros and for most functions and macros defined with
*Save-Local-Symbols* and *Fasl-Save-Local-Symbols* set to t."
I'm not sure what "most" means there, but I don't think it works
for any of my user-defined macros.

  ? (defmacro lovely-args (elroy judy)
     `(list ',elroy ',judy))
  ? (lovely-args really beautiful)
It works properly, etc., but control-x-a after lovely-args (or a space with
*arglist-on-space*=t) gives "G1664 G1665" in the mini-buffer. In addition,
the documentation window says that my macros are FUNCTIONs, rather than
macros, and shows no arguments. The inspector knows it's a macro, but
it shows the arglist as (#:G1664 #:G1665).

Any info would be appreciated!

My system: MCL 2.0b1p3 in a 5Meg partition on a Mac IIcx with a total
of 8Meg running system 6.07 with lots of inits.

Thanks!  -Lee (spector@cs.umd.edu)