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Animation Palettes

I'm trying to write a graphics routine in MCL 1.3.2 that instantly
changes the colors of SEVERAL animation colors in a window at the same
time.  The "AnimatePalette" trap seems appropriate.  My problem is that
the record defined in "records.lisp" does not match what is in Inside

(defrecord (ColorTable :handle)
  (ctSeed :longint)
  (transIndex :integer)
  (ctSize :integer)
  (ctTable :colorSpec))   ; --> (ctTable :cSpecArray)  in Inside Mac.

This specification only allows one value to be in the color table,
unless I am missing the point...

Any pointers on how to use "AnimatePalette" with multiple color entries
would be greatly appreciated.

Paul McCartney, tm2e@andrew.cmu.edu
Contrast Project, Carnegie Mellon University