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sub-dialog-items ?

   To construct a user-defined dialog-item with sub-dialog-items
I usually shadowed add-self-to-dialog, and remove-self-dialog
of the user-defined dialog-item to add/remove the sub-items.
   This worked fine in 1.3.2 but not in MCL2.0b1p3 with
install-view-in-window and remove-view-from-window. The problem
is that if I close the window with the dialog-items, I get
an error message like:
 > Error: Attempt to nullify an already null view wptr
> Type Command-. to abort.

It seems that the system also wants to remove
the sub-dialog-items without check if they are already removed
   Which method do I have to shadow in 2.0b1p3 to achieve the
same result with add-self-to-dialog,remove-self-dialog in 1.3.2?
   Perhaps set-view-container ?

Karsten Poeck
University of Karlsruhe