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Accessing Apple via FTP

Date: Thu, 8 Aug 91 14:26+0100
From: Vincent Keunen <keunen@milou.nrb.be>
Subject: Accessing Apple via FTP
Message-ID: <19910808132627.1.KEUNEN@milou.nrb.be>
Some previous messages say "I posted this to cambridge.apple.com".  Can
someone tell me the IP address of this host?  Our name server doesn't
seem to know it.  I've looked for it at the NIC, but the only addresses
I got are and and neither of them has a
/pub/MCL2/contrib directory.
Are these files also on Applelink?  If so, where?
Wouldn't it be possible to have a summary of the places where there is
MCL information (and files) or put the files in different places?
Thanks for your help
Vincent Keunen