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    Date: Thu, 8 Aug 91 14:30+0100
    From: Vincent Keunen <keunen@milou.nrb.be>
    Subject: CLIM
    Could someone from Apple answer the question that was posted recently
    about having CLIM (from ILA) included in MCL2 final?  
I think that someone from Apple did answer the question; let someone
from ILA take a crack at it.

CLIM 1.0 for the MCL environment is being distributed directly by ILA.
It is a layered product and will not be "bundled in" to MCL 2 in the
forseeable future.  We do, however, intend to get CLIM into the APDA
catalog, which might make ordering CLIM somewhat easier.  Until then,
to place an order or get ordering information send e-mail to
CLIM-Orders@ILA.COM or call 1-800-477-CLIM.

Probably the source of this confusion is that CLIM IS being shipped
directly from the Lisp vendor for most other Lisp platforms (Lucid,
Symbolics, Franz, Harlequin).  Some of the vendors bundle CLIM into
their Lisp environment, others charge separately for it.