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Re: (unuse-package "CCL") bombs !

In article <1991Aug5.101812.16843@ircam.fr> duthen@ircam.fr (Jacques Duthen) writes:
>I want to see which symbols are from the "COMMON-LISP" package and which
>ones are from the "CCL" package (from instance, in the "apropos" tool).
>As "CL-USER" uses "CCL", I use "unuse-package" like this:
>(unuse-package "CCL")
>I tried also:
>(unuse-package "CCL" "COMMON-LISP-USER")
>The result is the same: it goes to macs-bug "User break at 00515BE0"
>Is it normal ? Thanks in advance.				[jack]

I have another problem with "use-package".
I thought that "use-package" was something like:

(defun use-package (pack-to-use &optional (pack *package*))
  (do-external-symbols (s pack-to-use)
     (import s pack))

But I have (by mistake) a local symbol "LAST-DUMP-IMAGE-P" in my
package "RESTORE-LISP" and I try to use the package "DUMP-IMAGE"
which exports another symbol "LAST-DUMP-IMAGE-P".
"use-package" does *NOT* signal an error.
As far as I remember "MACINTOSH ALLEGRO COMMON LISP 1.3.2" did signal it.
Is it a bug from the new MCL 2.0  or is it (again) an undefined behaviour ?

Welcome to Macintosh Common Lisp Version 2.0b1!
1 > (use-package "DUMP-IMAGE" "RESTORE-LISP")
1 > (import 'dump-image:last-dump-image-p "RESTORE-LISP")
> Error: Importing dump-image:last-dump-image-p to #<Package "RESTORE-LISP">
 would conflict with symbol last-dump-image-p .
> While executing: ccl::import-1

Thanks in advance						[jack]