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My question is about when view-actiavte-event-handler gets called.  In
my program I'm creating a mess of views, then instantiating a window
with those views.  I'm adding the views in an :after method of
initialize-instance on my subclass of window.  I thought that when I
added a view to the active window, it would get a view-activate event.
Likewise, I would expect that if I added a view to an inactive window
it would get view-deactivate.  However, this is not the case.  Right
now I'm calling it the two explicitly in my :around method and it
works just fine.  I'm wondering if this is an oversight, or
intentional, and if intentional, what the motivation is.

Thanks for the help,

Ian Flanigan

Medical Informatics Group
Washington University in St. Louis	"You can never have too many napkins."
(314) 362-4320