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Re: USE-PACAKGE (was Re: (unuse-package "CCL") bombs !)

In article <1991Aug8.230854.23098@Think.COM> barmar@think.com writes:
>In article <1991Aug8.093751.12546@ircam.fr> duthen@ircam.fr (Jacques Duthen) writes:
>>[Bug with "use-package"]
>Unless RESTORE-LISP::LAST-DUMP-IMAGE-P is a shadowing symbol, this is a bug.

Thank you again for your lightening (e'claircissement).

Actually, I found *my* bug, which might explain MCL's (presumably) one:
I used about the following in that order:

(defpackage "RESTORE-LISP" (:use "COMMON-LISP"))
(defpackage "DUMP-IMAGE" (:export "LAST-DUMP-IMAGE-P"))
(in-package "RESTORE-LISP")
(use-package "DUMP-IMAGE")
(defpackage "RESTORE-LISP" (:use "COMMON-LISP")) ;; AGAIN ?!
'last-dump-image-p  ;; which creates a local symbol
(use-package "DUMP-IMAGE") ;; AGAIN ?!

I don't know which are the specs of defining twice the same package,
but I can easily understand that the system might be confused !
(Actually, my file was loaded twice for bootstrap reasons, so I put
(unless (find-package "RESTORE-LISP") (defpackage ...))
which works fine.
If MCL people think it's bug, I can describe it more precisely.