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Word Wrap? (yet another que

                       Subject:                               Time:3:16 PM
  OFFICE MEMO          Word Wrap? (yet another query)         Date:8/13/91
Sorry about this FAQ, but before digging in, is there any easy way to make a
Fred Window word wrap? We need simple word processor behavior--
word wrap on type-in and fix-up on resize or below any edits. Would like the
text to just have spaces between words and end-of-lines at and of paragraphs
(short lines, blank lines...).

Got part way to a solution in 1.3.2 by watching the cursor mark, etc as
characters went by. I now think a better solution would just be to replace the
functions used to map from buffer positions to screen positions (like the
buffer contents just the way they are). Is this possible? Can / will anyone
reveal the critical functions used to map the buffer to the view? Can this be

Have I missed something in the documentation? Is there some trivial solution?
Should I work on using the Mac's text editing routines instead?