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Startup bug

I apologize to the Apple folks if this is a repeat - I've sent it to both
bug-macl and bug-mcl, but the mailer returns didn't clarify whether anyone
got the message - only that someone on a forwarding list didn't. Does bug-mcl
exist, and should it be used, or is info-mcl the preferred address?
Anyway, here's the report:
While using "EvenBetterBusError" for other reasons, I stumbled upon
a bug in MCL2.0b1p3.
At 'CODE 4'+$041A, the following sequence
  movea.l AppParmHandle,A0
  movea.l (A0),A0
  tst.w (A0)+
causes the problem.
When MCL is launched w/o a document, AppParHandle contains 0. This
should be tested before dereferencing.
Dave Lamkins