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MacApp with Mac CL

I am brand new to Common Lisp on the mac (is MACL different from MCL?
mail on that) and fairly new to Common Lisp as well, though I know
Emacs Lisp very well.  I am considering using it for a large project
that will have to work under MacApp because other components of the
software will be using MacApp.  Is there a way to do this?  Has it
been done?  Am I asking for big problemos?

I don't require full interaction between MacApp classes and CLOS
classes, but that would be nice if it can be done.  If not, I expect
that most of the user interface for the application will be written in
C++ using MacApp and the core application will be written in Common
Lisp, using CLOS.

Dan LaLiberte
National Center for Supercomputing Applications