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MIDI from MCL?

    Date: Sun, 25 Aug 91 11:19:16 EDT
    From: cornell@unix1.cs.umass.edu (Matthew Cornell)

    I need to control a MIDI device from MCL. I've found MIDI.Lisp in the
    Interfaces folder but my Inside Mac volume VI stack doesn't document
    its contents. Does anyone know where the Apple MIDI docs are? Thanks.

You get them from APDA (the part of Apple which handles software
tools & documentation for programmers).

>> MIDI Management Tools Set v. 2.0
   Apple Computer, Inc.

This toolkit enables developers to transfer data
to and from MIDI devices connected to the
Macintosh via a MIDI hardware interface.  The
data can also be passed using virtual ports
amongh several applications running under
MultiFinder, or between logical ports within a
single application.  Features include:
* Easier to write MIDI drivers
* PatchBay (a graphical interface for
  connecting ports)
* New utility routines
* Upward compatability
* Source code examples for several simple
* New calls that support advanced MIDI 
  Manager applications as well as the
  creation of MIDI device drivers.


Product Contents
One Macintosh disk and one 44-page manual.

MIDI Management Tools Set v. 2.0
M0240LL/D			$35.00

APDA's subscription phone # is: 1-800-282-2732.
Ordering will get you a subscription to their catalog.