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Re: MacApp with Mac CL

If am told by another person who responded by mail that FF-LOAD is not
(yet) able to load C++ code, and this would inhibit any interaction between
MCL and MacApp (I am assuming MacApp 3.0 which is written in C++).

But the question still remains, does FF-LOAD support loading C
functions that may call MacApp methods?  In other words, I dont think
I really need to call MacApp methods directly, as long as they are
accessible through C functions.  Is the part of FF-LOAD that doesnt
support MacApp concerned with getting MacApp in memory, or just with
binding to its entry points?  

If I can load MacApp code and call it through C functions, then the
next problem would be who has control of windows and events.  Also, I
will have to change how MacApp does its initialization to avoid
reinitializing the Mac toolbox, since presumably MCL would have done
the same initialization, and there is no way that I know of to test
whether the initialization has been done but it should not be done

Thanks for any info.

Dan LaLiberte
National Center for Supercomputing Applications