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Re: MacApp with Mac CL

FF-LOAD does not support loading code with global variables, does it? C++ needs
global variables for its virtual tables. Independently of that, MacApp uses a
lot of global variables itself. You would have to create a A5-world yourself,
find the special segment generated by MPW to initialize it, and handle the
switches between this and MCL's A5-world. There is a technote about standalone
code that discusses that sort of things (but not in relation with MCL).
Are you sure you want to FF-LOAD MacApp in MCL? To me, it does not make more
sense than FF-LOADing MS Word, for instance. MacApp and MCL are two application
frameworks, and combining them won't give you a better one. If you need Lisp
and don't care about the size, you can built very responsive applications with
MCL, and it will be easier than with MacApp. You might consider a MCL engine
with a MacApp front-end, but I don't think it will be better than a MCL-only
     Daniel Ranson (ranson@lannion.cnet.fr)