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Re: Re: MacApp with Mac CL

I think that there is a bit of a conceptual gap here.
MacApp is *not* just a Class Library.  A MacApp application (which is the only
executable form of MacApp of which I am aware) is an intact application,
complete with its own event loop, patches, globals, jump table, etc.  Although
I am sure that it is not impossible to call a method from kludge-linked code
such as the ff mechanism, it would appear to be just a curious and hairy as
trying to call a procedure buried within MS Word.
Now another possibility might be to try to post-process the MacApp libraries to
try to use methods from those - but this would appear to be even more
I have thought about this, and the only half-sensible way that you might get
MacApp and MCL working together is with two half-applications and IAC - which
would be a pretty odd way to work.  Now C++ (unlike Object Pascal) *does*
permit you to build standalone code resources - but not with MacApp.  So you
could certainly craft some C++ into something which could be called using MCL's
ff facility, but that could not include any MacApp.