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free source code

I'm putting a folder of utilities at cambridge.apple.com under

It contains a wide variety of utilities, mixins, Not in ROM trap defs, ...
The ReadMe is attached at the end of this message.

Some of you may be familiar with my "custom" folder of utilities for
MACL 1.3.2. I'm slowly converting it over. Not everything is there yet,
but some brand new stuff is.

If you don't have ftp access I can email it.



What is oodles-of-utils?

Basically a rat's nest of code to help access the Mac ToolBox and create
user interfaces.

Here is a description of some of the more interesting folders/files.

 Contains defn's for Not in ROM routines that the current MCL Interfaces
 don't provide. Including:
  High Level File Manager routines from IM-IV and IM-VI
  High Level Device Manager
  Serial Driver routines

 Contains files of utility functions. Including:

    with-macros for saving and restoring the drawing state.
     - with-text-state
     - with-pen-state
     - with-back-pat
     - with-back-pix-pat

    Utilies for working with PICT files.
     - getting a PICT handle from one
     - drawing one by spooling in the data from disk
       (w/o first loading thewhole PICT into memory first)

    with-macros for working with resources
     - with-res-file
     - with-purgeable-resource
     - without-res-load
    other useful functions
     - opened-res-file-p

    various functions for dealing with multiple screens

 Contains mixins for creating dialog-item and view classes. Including:
  button-dim - adds button behavior
  draggable-dim - allows draging
  droppable-dim - allows draging and dropping (ala Finder icons)

  Contains an assortment of dialog items. Including:
   ICON-di - ICON dialog items
   cicn-di - color ICON dialog items
   PICT-di - PICT dialog items

The future
 drivers for RasterOps and MoonRaker video boards
 drivers for Pioneer LaserDisk players


How do I use oodles-of-utils?

Put the oodles-of-utils in your MCL folder and load oou-init.lisp.
This will set up your search paths so that subsequent files can be
loaded with require.