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GC/Window update question....


I would like help controlling screen updates during
garbage collection.  It seems that all of the MCL windows
are invalidated after garbage collection. (This is different
than the part of the window  may have a gray pattern drawn 
while awaiting GC to finish.)

  My main questions are:
1.   Is there a way to use the ccl::*post-gc-hook* / ccl::*pre-gc-hook* 
      to re-validate the windows (without validating the region containing
      the gray pattern)?]

2.  Can the windows be invalidated without making them *appear* as if
     they are being redrawn (e.g., without drawing in the bgcolor before redrawing
     the buttons)?

Using MCL2.0b1p3, MacIIfx, System 7.0.

Sean Doyle