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Bug with #| |# and ed-indent

It seems there is still a bug in MCL2.0 with comments in a Fred window.
If you type:
ceci est un commentaire

(defun foo (x y)
     (let (z)      ; with wrong indentation
 (list x y z)))

Now, you double click at the end of the last line to select the whole function
and type the tabulation key to re-indent, nothing happens !
I have had a similar problem with MACL1.3.2 concerning the reading of lisp
expressions in a file: when the file ends up with a #|comment|# an error
occurs when reading the last thing.
I can tell you more when I port my code to MCL2.0 but if you can fix the
first bug, probably the second one is the same and will be fixed too.
Thanks in advance						[jack]

PS: What is "the Cooperative Multitasking Experience" ?
Is it mentionned anywhere in the manual ?