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MCL 2.0b1, defclass, and :metaclass

On page 8 of the MCL 2.0b1 release notes, it is stated that
   "DEFCLASS does not support the :METACLASS option."

I wish to port a system to MCL that depends heavily on modified
behavior of classes provided by :metaclass.

The change is not major. A single subclass of standard-class is
used with a couple of added slots and appropriate associated
methods on make-instance and initialize-instance for this
metaclass. However, the change is pervasive. Almost every class
in the system uses this new metaclass.

Has sufficient work been done on the release version of MCL that
a patch might be made available to enable use of :metaclass?
Does anyone have any ideas on working around this omission?
The system has run on PCL on other Lisps. Has anyone used PCL
on MCL 2.0b1 rather than the built-in CLOS?

					Skip Egdorf