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Some questions on the use of MIDI Manager 2.0 en Macintosh Common Lisp 2.0

1) Is it possible to use Lisp-functions at interrupt level in  
Macintosh Common Lisp ?

If so, do you have to use the (not yet implemented) traps
 _setcurrenta5 and _seta5 from the Pascal Interface
 'OSUtils.p' in MCL 2.0 b1 ?

If so, would it be possible to define it before the new MCL  
version is released and if so, how ?

How could I use the (following) inline-definitions of the traps 

 #| Not in ROM - INLINE =  #x2E8D #x2A78 #x0904
 (deftrap _setcurrenta5 nil
    (:stack :signed-long)
    (:stack-trap #x0))

 #| Not in ROM - INLINE =  #x2F4D #x0004 #x2A5F
 (deftrap _seta5 ((newa5 :signed-long))
    (:stack :signed-long)
    (:stack-trap #x0))
(from the Pascal Interface "OSUtils.p" in MCL 2.0 b1) 

2) Does the MIDI-Manager call 'readhooks' and 'timeprocs' at 
interrupt-level ?

If so, would it be possible to use Lisp-functions defined by the 
function defpascal as 'readhooks' or 'timeprocs' ?

If not, how could I define Lisp-functions to be 'readhooks' or
'timeprocs' of the MIDI-Manager ?

We would really appreciate if you could answer any of these 
questions. At the moment we are writing code using the MIDI-
Manager 2.0 in the Macintosh Common Lisp 2.0 
environment.waiting for these questions/problems to be resolved.

best regards,

Danny Weijermans
Henkjan Honing
Peter Desain

City University, Music Department, London UK
Centre for Knowledge Technology, Utrecht, NL

cc: Apple, Cupertino