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Resend of requests

Since my previous messages are apparently not getting out to the right people,
let me try resending them...
First, I'm new to using AppleLink to get to Internet.  Please tell me now I can
get at all the MCL related archives, sources, etc. that have been posted to
Internet.  At the last WWDC, I was the one who bitched at the end about Apple
not treating MCL as a serious product.  If I could not get at all this valuable
information via AppleLink, I would consider this yet another example of what I
was talking about.  But, of course, I'm bitching before I hear the answer.
Second, I'm trying to get at the page range information from the interactive
print dialog.  The following crude code does not work.  This is just a stupid
version of several other versions I've tried.  I get a print record with the
correct version, but copies is always 1 and first and last page are never what
I set them to in the interaction with the dialog.
(setf xx (make-record (:tprint :storage :handle)))
(#_PrJobDialog :ptr xx)
(format t "~S~%" (rref xx :tprint.iPrVersion))
(format t "~S~%" (rref xx :tprint.prJob.iCopies))
(format t "~S~%" (rref xx :tprint.prJob.iFstPage))
(format t "~S~%" (rref xx :tprint.prJob.iLstPage))
Michael Wimble