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Possible bug with class allocation?

Slots with class allocation don't seem to be correctly shown by
(describe) or the inspector. The following example demonstrates:

	(defclass mine ()
	  ((a-slot :reader a-value :initform 'hello :allocation

	(setq a (make-instance 'mine))

	(desribe a)

The output of describe indicates that there are no class or instance
slots. The reader method works OK, though.

If two class allocation slots are defined, the first will be shown by
describe but not the second, though the reader methods work for both.

Is this behaviour a bug (it looks like one to me) or is there some
subtlety in the defintion of CLOS which eludes me?

This is MCL 2b1p3, System 7.0, Mac IIsi. 

Andy Ormsby