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Garbage collection and screen updates...

;;; Greetings...
;;; I've been having some trouble with screen redraws following
;;; garbage collection. Below is some code that has similar
;;; behavior to what I'm encountering.
;;; Invoking redraw-all-everytime redraws the entire screen. 
;;; It looks as if _InvalRect is called using the screen rect.
;;; This looks particularly klunky when there are several images
;;; on a screen.. everything disappears and then pops back as
;;; the view-draw-contents methods are invoked.
;;; So... is there any way of preventing a global redraw?
;;; Thanks
;;; Sean Doyle 
;;; doyle@sisu.mgh.harvard.edu

;;; Redraws entire screen every time!
(defun redraw-all-everytime()
        (make-instance 'dialog)

;;; Redraws only sometimes....
(defun redraw-all-mosttimes()
        (make-instance 'dialog)