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ff-load problem

I just got my MCL 2.0 beta expecting that I could ff-load code
compiled with MPW 3.2, but apparently there are problems.  I get the
following error message:

> Error: Unknown Object File version (3) in #<INPUT CCL::BINARY-FILE-STREAM to "HDinternal:NGL:color6.c.o">
> While executing: CCL::FF-READOBJ

If I try to continue, it finds an Unknown opcode.  My code is compiled
for use of 68881, if that makes a difference.  I tried this first with
a library file rather than an object file, and got the same results.
I am not sure what "version (3)" is, but I would guess that is any MPW
3.x object file.  So do I need to go back to MPW 2.x?  If so, I would
also need to go back to system 6.0.x and that would be a shame since I
need system 7.0 for other things.  Is there a workaround?

As an aside, I hope that the MCL documentation people have time to
clean up the manual before final release.  There are a number of
omissions of this sort, and small errors throughout.  The index could
use alot of beefing up too; I spend alot of time searching for things
that I know are in there somewhere, but not listed in the index.
Otherwise, I'm happy to be working in Common Lisp.

Dan LaLiberte
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
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