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Accelerators and MCL 2.0

I'm considering buying an accelerator card for my IIcx, because my MCL
code simply must run faster.  I'm nervous about this, though; I'm afraid
that MCL is likely to be unforgiving with respect to incompatibilities.
I would appreciate it greatly if anyone who has experience with MCL on
an accelerated Mac could send me mail; I'd like to know if any problems
were encountered and the amount of speedup achieved.  I'm particularly
interested in accelerators for less than $1000; I believe that MacWeek
recently gave a very favorable review to a DayStar accelerator in this
price range.  (If it makes any difference, I'm also considering going 
to 20 Megs of RAM with sys7/Mode32). I will summarize responses to the net.


  -Lee (spector@cs.umd.edu)