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Re: MCL installer failed

In article <1034@tansei1.tansei.cc.u-tokyo.ac.jp>, kurihara@tansei.cc.u-tokyo.ac.jp (Akira Kurihara) writes:
> Yesterday I received a package of MCL 2.0b1 from APDA and tried
> to install it on my Mac. But I could not. I followed the manual.
> (Copy the contents of the first two disks, start MCL and say yes.)
> But my Mac lost control while it is copying the contents of
> the third disk.
> Moreover what is wrong is that, after rebooting Mac, I had to
> initialize the hard drive. It happened on

> Could anybody tell me what is actually happening?

I believe the problem is an addressing error that affects 68000-based
machines, but runs properly on 68030 systems.  I encountered the same
problem installing on a Mac SE (including having to initialize the
hard drive!)  Running the installation with MacsBug installed showed
  Address Error at 00405BC0
                   *CLR.L  (A4)+      (A4 contains 00049C49)
This occured while copying file #P"MCL 2.0b1 # 3:MCL Help" to
#P HD20:MCL 2.0b: MCL Help"

About that time my IIsi arrived.  I switched machines and installed
with no problem.  I meant to notify Apple, but got caught up with
other things.  I assume posting here is sufficient to get word to the
developers.  Probably not many people are installing on SE's, but if
all of them get trashed disks, it will still add up to lots of
frustration.  Well, that's the price we pay for playing with beta
software.   Wes Hubert <wes@kuhub.cc.ukans.edu>