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Garbage Collection => Crash in MACL1.3.2

  Probably an old problem, but...

  While running MACL1.3.2,  on a  MacII  ci,  8meg, System 6.0.7,  the
system goes into garbage collection, and after a while, we get a crash
(Bus Error).  Options are to Restart or Continue (returns to finder).

  Quite likely, GC has run out of memory, but why the crash? Running
a similar program on other machines (se30), the machine has just
gone in and out of GC until I terminate the process.

  Someone a while ago suggested that a memory-manager bug in ci's
might be at fault. And that memory-manager-fix (an init) might fix it.
Does it? They said it was at sumex-aim, but it has been removed from
the archive. Does anyone have it?

Any help appreciated,

Mick O'Donnell
Information Sciences Institute