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macrolet bug with MCL2.0b3

Hello guys!

I have some problem using macrolet with MCL 2.0b3.
I tried to eval the following code:

(defun f(x)
    ((m1 (x) `(car ,x))
     (m2 (x) `(setf (m1 ,x) t)))
    (m2 x)))

it returned:

;Compiler warnings :
;   Undefined function SETF::COMMON-LISP-USER::M1|, in F.

and the evaluation of (f '(a b c)) returned something like:

> Error: Undefined function SETF::|COMMON-LISP-USER::M1|
 called with arguments (T (A B C)) .

The same code is working with all previous versions.
Can someone help me understand the bug?

email: hsiung@urz.unibas.ch

    Alain Hsiung.