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Re: CL and databases

The first system I'd look at would be Symbolics, Inc. Statice running on a 
MacIvory board attached via a NuBus slot.  This could be at least loosely 
coupled to the Mac environment.  I believe it needs to physically use a 
different disk.

I think Statice is great, but I'm not sure whether my enthusiasm is for the 
concept or the software system as it is. My use of Statice has only been 
casual so I can't attest to its current level of bugginess or support.

I think the fact that no OODBMS has evolved on the native Mac is a crime.  Of 
course, many would argue that the Mac has been largely bypassed by RDBMS 
technology as well.  A OODBMS on the Mac would be similar to Statice on 
Symbolics machines-- fairly tightly coupled with the operating system, serving
as a 1990's MPW as well as meeting user application needs.