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Re: CL and databases

> Date: 28 Sep 91 16:37:24 EDT
> From: "Thomas J. Martin, Jr." <76326.1723@CompuServe.COM>
> The first system I'd look at would be Symbolics, Inc. Statice running on a 
> MacIvory board attached via a NuBus slot.  This could be at least loosely 
> coupled to the Mac environment.  I believe it needs to physically use a 
> different disk.

Not true.  You need enough free space so the MacIvory installation procedure
can create one or more large contiguous Macintosh disk files, to serve as
virtual disks for the Ivory.  The Ivory's virtual disk(s) can be on the same
physical disk as regular Macintosh files, either in a separate partition or
in the same partition.  Of course if you don't have the free space you might
prefer to add another disk.