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Re: init.lisp not loading under system 7

In article <40389@mimsy.umd.edu> I wrote:
>I've just upgraded to system 7, and MCL 2.0b1p3 is no longer loading 
>the init.lisp file on launch. (probe-file "ccl;init.lisp") finds it
>with no problems...  What's the fix?  Thanks! -Lee (spector@cs.umd.edu)

Thanks to a suggestion from bill@cambridge.apple.com I played around with
save-application and got things back to normal.  It turns out that
(save-application "CCL 2.0b1p3" :init-file "Init") was causing it to look
at the root of my file system for the init file under system 7, rather
than in the ccl directory (as in system 6).
(save-application "CCL 2.0b1p3" :init-file "ccl;Init") put things back to
normal, but I still don't understand why upgrading to sys7 made a difference.
 -Lee (spector@cs.umd.edu)